Business is Booming!

I apologize for the late and very brief post this evening folks!

Looks like we’ve gotten the attention of the locals here in Marengo! We’ve been invited to attend their annual Girls Day Out as a vendor! That means this coming week we will be soaping up a storm! Our goal is to have about 50 lbs of soap to sell at the Fair. The remainder will be online the following Monday. Unfortunately that means that the new products won’t be available on the site for another week. We apologize for our incorrect estimation for that time frame.

We’ve run into some labeling issues and printing our own is not going as planned. We do, however, have a plan B that will likely be a much better solution long term and will be significantly less frustrating overall. We will still be printing our own but it will be a simpler set up for printing too, which will make it faster.

We will have more information early next week. If anyone is in upstate IL and would like to come out to the Girls Day Out it is on June 9th from Noon – 5 pm. Admission is free!

Here is a link to the info:

I hope to see you there!


Stud Muffin, Pretty One, and … Mike Jefferies?

I know I’ve mentioned them a few times and it was brought to my attention by one of my readers that people not “in the know” may not understand the Pretty One/Stud Muffin references so I thought I’d explain a bit about who they are.

Stud Muffin is my amazing, handsome, sweet, loving, awesome fiancé. He’s kind of fantastic and I love him lots. He is a ‘phone guy’ with AT&T like the cable guy (no, not Jim Carey) but for phones. He fixes DSL issues and phone problems for AT&T Customers here in northern Illinois. Its hard work, he’s outside in the heat and the cold, climbing telephone poles, Carrying his ridiculously heavy ladder and walking through areas you or I wouldn’t dare set foot. He has to do some pretty disgusting work some times and I am thankful every day for what he does. Seriously folks, be nice to your phone guys. Luckily he likes working with his hands so most days he does generally like his job.

He is also a gamer and a total geek. He builds computers from scratch, loves working on cars, and will play almost any video game you put in front of him (as long as it isn’t a first person shooter). Unfortunately his favorite past time is listening to his mom and I tell him to get a haircut and then not cutting it because we amuse him. He loves me, believes in me, loves his daughter and does the very best he can for both of us. He learns from his mistakes and even though he’s made some big ones he owns them and moves on.

Pretty One is Stud Muffin’s only child. She for the most part lives with us and visits her mom on weekends and for longer periods in the summer, when her athletics schedule allows. She’s 15 going on 25 and has my heart as much as her dad does. She’s got everything going for her, she’s beautiful, smart, and funny. She is a talented artist and athlete. And her most admirable trait is that for the most part, Pretty One has a very good head on her shoulders (at least she does on the days when she didn’t wake up and eat a heaping bowl of teenager for breakfast).

So what does this all have to do with Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jefferies? Continue reading

Busy Week Ahead

Happy Tuesday Y’all! I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and took time to remember why we celebrate the holiday. Yes I realize I say “Y’all” a lot, it’s an old habit from living in the South for so long that I’ve just learned to embrace, even when it causes giggles.

Our first week open was overwhelmingly successful; thank you to everyone that helped make that happen! This week will be all about restocking and preparing for the weeks to come. It’s almost a good thing Pretty One is at her mother’s house this week. It’s going to be phenomenally busy.

Our business cards are done and on their way. Here’s a peek at how they will look:

Here is the front of our business cards.

Here is the front of our business cards.

And here's the back!

And here’s the back!

There are also car door magnets and thank you cards on their way. Over the next few weeks please expect some slight changes in our labels. As we will be printing our own, the fonts will be a little different. It’s $100 – $150 to buy the two fonts we’ve been using, Corner Store and Hellenic Wide. We will be purchasing those fonts after our Crowd-funding Campaign with Indiegogo (more on that in a bit). Continue reading

New Fragrances in the Works

Beach Fling and Good Morning Sunshine

Beach Fling and Good Morning Sunshine Sample sizes fresh out of the mold!

Happy Friday! What an amazing week it’s been. We’ve been getting lots of custom orders and more products in the works because of it.

We’ve decided to start printing our own labels. This will help alleviate the expense and delay in having them printed for us. We do have business cards on their way and thank you cards as well! We’re very excited about those.

We do have new fragrances that are being tested in our soap and look to be working out well and they’ll be for sale soon. Here’s some of what you can look forward to: Continue reading


Happy Hump Day! Our launch has been a big success! We have multiple sales and now our first ‘VIP’ customer.

“What’s a VIP customer?” you ask. Well, we have one customer who is so interested in our products that not only have they placed multiple orders with us, they’ve also committed to placing a customized order every month. I do know this person personally, he’s a friend and former colleague, and it came as quite a shock that he believes in what we are doing here so much that he’s investing in our future as a successful business. He’s always supportive of his friends but he is going above and beyond in helping us really get the ball rolling.

So a big shout-out to Steve L. here in Illinois! Thank you for your support!

So what does our having a big client mean for the rest of our customers? Continue reading