Welcome To BatheHappy.net!

Welcome to BatheHappy.net!

What is Bathe Happy?

Well, Bathe Happy, in short, is my happiness in tangible form!  Bathe Happy was an idea formed out of love, happiness, and sheer dumb luck. I took up handcrafting bath and body products last year as a hobby and as a way to create unique and personal gifts. After Christmas some people started asking if they could buy more for their friends and family and one thing led to another and Bathe Happy was born.

Who am I?

My name is Trish. I’m your average fat ‘n happy housewife. I have an awesome life in upstate Illinois and thanks to the massive outpouring of encouragement from my friends and family I’ve finally decided it’s time to live my dream!

What’s the story and why am I so happy?

Several months ago my fiancé, Stud Muffin, and I were living the American Dream. We were both employed in reasonably well paying jobs, living in your average large house in the suburbs, going through the paces of your average everyday life… and we were miserable.

Stud Muffin and I never had any money, never had time for fun, never had time to keep the house as clean as we’d like it, there was never time to cook, we were always on the go and not enjoying life the way we think everyone should. We were smothering under the huge mortgage he was left with after his divorce and the stresses we were under from the bills, work, raising a teenager, and number of other things were destroying our relationship and our happiness.

Well that has all changed now. We gave up on the typical American Dream and came up with OUR dream. We downsized. We moved ourselves, his 15 year old daughter, and our 3 obnoxious-but-awesome dogs from our big four bedroom house in the Chicago suburbs out into a small two bedroom home in a smaller country town. It’s still considered a suburb but you’d never know it living here. The neighbors are nicer, no one cares that our dogs bark, and the house was affordable enough that I was able to leave the general workforce and stay home. I am able to keep our house clean, cook dinner every night, my soon-to-be step-daughter, Pretty One, always has a ride to and from school (and any number of extra-curriculars and sports she is involved in) and now, with the support of my friends and family, I get to start my own business.

I sincerely thank you for stopping by to check our site. The shop is set to open next week! Be on the lookout for news and announcements here on the blog and on our Facebook page. Please show us your support and like us on Facebook and be the first to see some of our products and give us your input.


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