Two More Days!

You know what? It is a lot of work starting your own business! I’m loving every minute of it. We got our first labels yesterday. We’ll be getting more early next week.

Our product line up for the launch Friday is:

  • Summer Romance Soap
  • Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Soap
  • Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Soap (which looks like a chunk of fresh honeycomb)
  • Black Rose Bath Salts (both with and without dried rose petals)
  • Peppermint Bath Salts (both with and without fresh peppermint leaves)
  • Lavender Bath Salts (without buds, I’ve actually sold out of the ones with buds thanks to Mother’s Day but more will be ready next week)
  • Washcloths (there are several different colors that will be posted with even more coming soon)

Keep in mind this is only the beginning and there is much more in store over the next few weeks! There will be a grand opening sale and we are very excited to show you all of our products. Stay tuned in the near future as well for a crowd-funding campaign through Indiegogo to help raise the funds for the next big step… cold process soaps and larger amounts of stock! We will be launching that campaign in June!

For those of you not familiar with Indiegogo you can check out their site at, it’s like Kickstarter but better!


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