Happy Hump Day! Our launch has been a big success! We have multiple sales and now our first ‘VIP’ customer.

“What’s a VIP customer?” you ask. Well, we have one customer who is so interested in our products that not only have they placed multiple orders with us, they’ve also committed to placing a customized order every month. I do know this person personally, he’s a friend and former colleague, and it came as quite a shock that he believes in what we are doing here so much that he’s investing in our future as a successful business. He’s always supportive of his friends but he is going above and beyond in helping us really get the ball rolling.

So a big shout-out to Steve L. here in Illinois! Thank you for your support!

So what does our having a big client mean for the rest of our customers? In honor of our first VIP effective June 1st we will be starting a new program called Steve’s Special! It will be listed in our shop under Monthly Specials and we will have a web page set up dedicated to the sale. Whatever custom item(s) he requests will become the following month’s special. These products will be on sale for the entire month and its shipping will be free if purchased with another item. These items will be while supplies last and if they sell really well they will become a permanent item in the shop!

There will be a blog post on the first of each month spotlighting the special. The first one will be our tranquility soap in a beautiful dark blue so be on the lookout for that post on June 1st!

Once again I do want to thank everyone for all your support.  I’m incredibly thankful for all of you. More big things are coming I can feel it!

DON’T FORGET – Our Indiegogo crowd-funding Campaign starts next month!


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