Busy Week Ahead

Happy Tuesday Y’all! I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and took time to remember why we celebrate the holiday. Yes I realize I say “Y’all” a lot, it’s an old habit from living in the South for so long that I’ve just learned to embrace, even when it causes giggles.

Our first week open was overwhelmingly successful; thank you to everyone that helped make that happen! This week will be all about restocking and preparing for the weeks to come. It’s almost a good thing Pretty One is at her mother’s house this week. It’s going to be phenomenally busy.

Our business cards are done and on their way. Here’s a peek at how they will look:

Here is the front of our business cards.

Here is the front of our business cards.

And here's the back!

And here’s the back!

There are also car door magnets and thank you cards on their way. Over the next few weeks please expect some slight changes in our labels. As we will be printing our own, the fonts will be a little different. It’s $100 – $150 to buy the two fonts we’ve been using, Corner Store and Hellenic Wide. We will be purchasing those fonts after our Crowd-funding Campaign with Indiegogo (more on that in a bit).

Our goal this week is to get all of our new products photographed, packaged, labeled, and listed on the site by Friday. There are also two custom orders to finish and two more to list. There is also going to be a bit of restructuring for how our Bath Salts are sold. And to top that all off we are looking to add a custom orders page to our site. One of our customers suggested an information page on that might be a good idea and I agree.

As many of you saw on Facebook this morning our main PC was out of commission for part of the weekend so I will be playing catch-up for the rest of the week to stay on top of things.

We are still planning on an Indiegogo Campaign for next month to run though a portion of the summer. Indiegogo is similar to Kickstarter for those of you that are not familiar. Crowd-funding is a huge business right now and we are hoping for a very successful campaign.

Our biggest goals for the campaign will be:

  • Expand into cold process soap-making
  • Gain membership to the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild
  • Purchase two fonts we’ve started using for the majority of our stuff, Corner Store and Hellenic Wide. Vistaprint, who we had been using for our printing needs, does not use free fonts. You need to buy the fonts they use from the designers directly to be able to use them yourself. It is part of Vistaprint’s marketing strategy to keep you using their stuff. I learned that the hard way after ordering our first run of labels.
  • Raise the funds for fees, equipment, tables, etc to be able to attend a few of the larger craft fairs in the area.

We are really excited about the campaign launch next month and can’t wait to share some sneak peeks soon!

I hope everyone has an amazing and happy week. We will return to our regular blog posting schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Busy Week Ahead

  1. Soo much content in this update! The business cards look great!! I’m also really excited to help support you with your Indiegogo campaign and I can’t wait to see what kind of awesome products you can create with the extra funding. Printing out your own labels and having access to the two fonts you want will be well worth it in the long run. I’m really looking forward to the custom order page and can’t wait to see the new and awesome products your making.

  2. Those cards are so cute! They instantly bring to mind the beautiful smell of soaps and lotions in a quaint and appealing little shop. I’m jealous (I’m not nearly that creative). *smile* GL with the fundraising!!

    • Thank you! I am pretty fond of them! If you ever need help with design work like that let me know. I’m more than willing to offer assistance to fellow soapers and crafters!

      • I really appreciate that! I’m out in the boonies, so to speak, and don’t have many creative types that are inclined to give me input on ideas or styles. *grin* I’ll let things settle down for you, then I’ll take you up on the offer. Thank you!!

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