Business is Booming!

I apologize for the late and very brief post this evening folks!

Looks like we’ve gotten the attention of the locals here in Marengo! We’ve been invited to attend their annual Girls Day Out as a vendor! That means this coming week we will be soaping up a storm! Our goal is to have about 50 lbs of soap to sell at the Fair. The remainder will be online the following Monday. Unfortunately that means that the new products won’t be available on the site for another week. We apologize for our incorrect estimation for that time frame.

We’ve run into some labeling issues and printing our own is not going as planned. We do, however, have a plan B that will likely be a much better solution long term and will be significantly less frustrating overall. We will still be printing our own but it will be a simpler set up for printing too, which will make it faster.

We will have more information early next week. If anyone is in upstate IL and would like to come out to the Girls Day Out it is on June 9th from Noon – 5 pm. Admission is free!

Here is a link to the info:

I hope to see you there!


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