Two Weeks Until Indiegogo

Yes two weeks, not one as I’d originally planned. Happy Monday All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend and that all the Dads (and Moms that have to be Dads) had a lovely holiday. We celebrated the day with me sleeping in while Stud Muffin and Pretty One spent some father-daughter time together. They went to breakfast, then grocery shopping, then she kept him company while he installed the second power steering pump in six months on his Jeep and also attempted to slice the top of his finger off. (If the two of them were any more accident prone I swear I’d need anti-anxiety drugs). After that Pretty One and I made stuffed shells, then we all watched The Breakfast Club together, then we went for ice cream, and then for a drive up into Wisconsin and around lake Geneva. It was a very nice day over all.

Our Indiegogo Campaign should be starting on 7/1. I’d originally planned on 6/22 but unfortunately we have a crazy week ahead and had a crazy one last week and I made the executive decision to push it back a week so I can give it my full attention. We need the Campaign to be successful if we are going to be able to start Cold Process Soaping and launch other products this year.

I really look forward to sharing all the details with y’all as we get closer. There are going to be some great perks for those who contribute! There will be T-shirts, Soaps, Washcloths, Body Scrubs, Gift Cards, Discount Offers and all sorts of other Swag! PLUS if we reach or surpass our goal we will have a ton of new products out just in time for the holidays.

That’s all for today! I am off to get some cleaning done and work on a quote for a large custom order for our big-shot customer to give out as gifts. There will be more on that in coming weeks as well!

I hope everyone has a Happy week!


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