Happy Friday!

So excited today! Stud Muffin had a lovely birthday yesterday and tomorrow we are hosting a house warming party for our family and friends and hopefully a few neighbors. We have 11 confirmed coming and about 20 were invited so we will see who shows up. Stud will have a birthday cake there rather he likes it or not.

It’s a stormy day and there is a flurry of activity here as we prep our tiny house for all the guests tomorrow. The storm has given me a ton of energy! I am a weather geek, I love storms.

In honor of the party and the house warming I would like to share a little bit about how Bathe Happy got its name. It seems silly that the two are linked but they are.

It’s no small secret that I’ve had a very difficult life. I don’t hide my past, I don’t try and cover it up, and I really am very open about most of it. For many years I was incredibly unhappy. I was depressed and bitter and angry and jealous and I know I came off as negative about a lot of stuff. It’s hard to admit that because I struggled to stay positive in my situation and I really am generally an optimist. I am also a realist and a literalist, I don’t sugar coat things.

Life generally sucked for a long time. But then one day a friend became more. Stud Muffin and I went from being just friends to a couple almost overnight. Slowly from there things changed. I was happier, cheerier, and then the next thing you know I am selling off my furniture, packing my things, and moving in with him 856 miles away.

Things were awesome at first but then we went through a rough patch (as all couples do) and in the end we chose to work things out and as soon as we decided that we definitely wanted to spend the rest of our lives together I suddenly felt like life was really, really good. What I didn’t know then was that he was suffocating under the responsibilities of the house we were living in. Finally one night he told me all the stress he was under and we talked, and talked, and talked, and then talked some more. Finally we came to the decision that the biggest problem was the house we were in. He bought it with his ex-wife a very long time ago and it was just too much house for us. Too big, too cluttered, too many bad memories and haunts, too expensive, etc.

We decided to move and found a few places we really liked but we missed out on house after house. Then we found our little bungalow in Marengo. He almost passed on coming to see it because it was so far out of town but he saw the photos and decided to give it a shot. We were instantly in love, even Pretty One was practically begging for this house so we went for it. I am so glad we did. Its tiny and manageable, it lets me stay at home, its furnished and decorate with stuff that is OURS and for the first time, maybe ever, I feel like I have a home. A real home. And that has made me truly happy.

I knew when I decided to start my own business that the company had to have Happy in the name. There were so many ideas passed around but in the end Bathe Happy stuck. So yes this house and our business name are completely intertwined.

Tomorrow I get to share our little home with some of our nearest and dearest. It makes me that much happier knowing I have a home I am proud to share.

Have a Happy weekend all.


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