Sale Tomorrow!

As promised from now on there will be posts five days a week, Monday-Friday, so today is our first official Tuesday post.

Tomorrow morning we will be announcing our Independence Day sale. It will run from tomorrow until Sunday. It is going to be a great sale that you won’t want to miss that will also benefit a great cause!

I will release all the fun details tomorrow!

It’s been another busy week already here in our Happy little home. Stud Muffin has been working tons and tons of overtime to put money away while we can. While he has been working I’ve been cleaning, working on the Indiegogo campaign, working on a custom hand towel order that I will post photos of as soon as its complete, and preparing for a contest I am entering!

The good folks over at The Crochet Crowd Blog are hosting a Crocheter’s Choice contest and I will be entering it. I hope to start the project next week and I’ll be sharing my progress here on the blog.

Part of the fun of the contest is the ability to make different sizes. The two main rules are that the minimum size be a 36” x 36” baby blanket and that you stick to the pattern they provide. You can enter up to 3 times and the prize is a pretty awesome giftbag. I will be entering at least once, starting with a baby blanket for my dear friend Wendy who is expecting her second daughter in just a few weeks. I’m so very happy for her and her family and I can’t wait to get this blanket made for her.

Remember that the sale tomorrow will be for Facebook and Twitter followers only so be sure to check us out there and stay tuned for the details!

Have a Happy day!


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