Soaps For Hope Sale Starts Today!

Good afternoon! I apologize that I was unable to post till now, my regular computer is having trouble installing the latest Windows update and is out of commission for the moment. I had to wait for a lap top to get a little bit of a charge before I could start my day.

Today we have a very special sale starting for folks that follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Here are the details:

From now through 7/7 (Sunday) everything in the store, including sale items, will be 15% off.

For every $15 in product sold we will be donating an additional bar of soap to The Oklahoma Soap Drive.

No exclusions, no minimum purchase required. There is no ‘up to’ limit on the donations. We have 7 more bars we are sending regardless and no matter how much we sell during the sale EVERY $15 spent will add to the amount that will be sent.

You can check us out on Facebook and Twitter to get your coupon code for the sale.


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