The Crochet Crowd Summer Challenge

Happy Monday all! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a very good start to the week. I know I am incredibly happy today because Pretty One is home. The house is way to quiet when she is at her Mom’s and not home with us.

As I mentioned last week I am entering the Crocheter’s Choice Summer Challenge hosted by The Crochet Crowd. The contest should be a lot of fun! I am making a large baby blanket for my friend Wendy who is expecting her second daughter, baby Amelia Grace, in just a few weeks.  The finished blanket will be just under five feet square, which is rather large for a baby blanket, but I want Miss Amelia to be able to use the blanket for much if not most of her childhood.


The basic pattern required for the challenge is difficult to decipher (I’ve never been good at reading crochet patterns anyway) but Mikey over at The Crochet Crowd put out a video tutorial on the pattern and it’s actually really easy. The pattern works up really fast and I’ve gotten about a foot of the length done on it so far.


I posted my in progress work to The Crochet Crowd’s Facebook Page and they liked it enough to feature it on their page. It got nearly 700 ‘likes’ in less than two hours. I was super excited. Contestants have something like nine weeks to complete their work and can submit up to three projects for this challenge. I am hoping to get two in. The first will be Miss Amelia’s blanket and, if I finish it in time, the second will be a blanket for me.


I will be launching the Indiegogo Campaign this week. I hit a rather annoying snag with it over the weekend which is forcing me to delay it again. Apparently Windows Movie Maker and my mother board are mortal enemies. Movie Maker crashes and causes a mother board error on average once every two or three saves and then reverts back to a previous save thus making me have to re-do a lot of work. I’ve gotten a new video maker that’s working much better but because of the way Movie Maker saves I have to start over. I hope to finish that video today or tomorrow and then I will be immediately launching the campaign.

That’s it for today. Pretty One and I are off to get lunch and pedicures. I hope everyone has a Happy week.



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