Tasty Tuesday! News + A Quick and Easy Dinner.

Hello all! Sorry I’ve been off topic with the soap lately but business is slooooooow in the summer so there’s just not much to report there.

Today is a very exciting day for us in the Happy House. Tonight after Stud Muffing gets home from work we are going out to shop for (and hopefully find and purchase) our boots for the wedding next year. We wanted a casual wedding but I never dreamed he’d agree to a good ole, country, barn-burner of a wedding.

I’m a country girl at heart; I was born in Arkansas and I’ve lived all through the South for most of my life. I’ve always dreamed of a southern wedding and here I am in Illinois, and I am going to get one. I’m the girl who you’ll almost always find in jeans and cowboy boots. Unfortunately my boots, my precious, well worn, perfectly broken in, Justin Boots were stolen four and a half years ago. I know who stole them, and it was reported to the police but they were never returned. I haven’t had the heart or the money to replace them but now it’s time.

I will walk down the aisle in boots with my perfect lace dress and I am so beyond excited to finally get new ones. I’m getting them now so I can break them in really well before the wedding.

Due to our little boot shopping excursion this evening we need something fast for dinner. Pretty One has asked for Chili Dip so that what we are making. I thought it would be fun to share the recipe with y’all. Now this recipe is all over the internet but it’s worth having (it’s very yum).


Chili Dip – Serves 8-10

2 bricks of cream cheese

2-3 cans of chili (we use no bean chili)

2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

Heat all the ingredients in a crock pot, on the stove, or in the microwave. Stir periodically until all the cheese is melted. Once heated through and well combined serve with tortilla chips or Fritos.


Yes it’s that easy. No it isn’t all that healthy and no it isn’t a traditional meal. Its typically better as a snack or appetizer for a party but around here is can double as dinner in a pinch. It’s really good and there will be enough leftovers for snacks for a few days.

Try it out! I bet you’ll love it!

Have a happy day!

(Photos courtesy of momstart.com)


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