New Product Ideas

So its hump day and this is a relatively late post for me. Been busy wedding planning while I have the motivation and decided I’d better get to blogging while the sun’s still shining.

I DID find boots for the wedding! We ended up deciding to order them online. These are the ones I’m going with:


Stud Muffin has his picked out but he’s going to order them later. Mine are more pressing since I need to be in them for dress fittings in a few weeks.

While I’ve been doing my wedding planning I’ve been doing a list of new product ideas as they pop in my head. Obviously there is the stuff I want to start if the Indiegogo campaign is successful but I was thinking things I can definitely afford to do now. One thing I know I will be carrying is 100% Pure Argan Oil. It is amazing stuff and I finally found a reasonable, ethical, supplier. Other things that I’m looking into are moisturizing oils, lotions, lip gloss, lip balm, nail polish, body butter, shaving soap, and scrubs.

The lip balms I have now will be listed in a few days. Lighting has been poor lately so photography has not been something do-able.

Let me know your thoughts! Is there anything you’d like Bathe Happy to carry?


3 thoughts on “New Product Ideas

  1. Have you tried this recipe from WSP? It’s really versatile, but works for a great base recipe for scrub. I came up with a Mechanic/ Men’s variation using that as a guide that does really well. I’m working on a shaving soap too. Small world 🙂 Also, have you looked at EcoBeauty, by Janice and Lauren Cox? They have some great easy on the bottom line recipes, plus really good ones for teens.

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