Week Two of the Crochet Crowd Summer Challenge

Please forgive my absence the past several days. I’ve been very discouraged with how slow business and website traffic have been and was throwing myself a bit of a pity-party. The slow season is rough on morale and to top it off I have been plagued with a battery of computer issues. At least today I had the company of Baby Dog while I photographed things for today’s post. He always makes me smile.

Baby Dog got VERY comfy to watch me take pictures.

Baby Dog got VERY comfy to watch me take pictures.

Luckily while I was taking my little break I did get a lot done crocheting. First I finished up a tech case for a friend.


It’s a simple double crochet pattern that is custom sized to the Nook line of tablets from Barnes and Noble. It’s crocheted from Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Ambrosia.
Homespun yarn is deceptively hard to work with but I am very happy with the final result. There is a full size pocket inside as well.


As for the baby blanket I am making for the challenge I’ve put an additional six inches on the length. As the blanket is getting larger and bulkier it gets to be a bit unruly turning it back and forth so it slows. Here is the progress so far:





I’m really happy with it and I know Wendy is too. She has seen a few photos and is so excited.

That’s it for today. News about Indiegogo and the future of Bathe Happy tomorrow.


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