So What’s Next for Bathe Happy?

Happy Hump Day! I got my cowboy boots for the wedding today and they are PERFECT! I am very happy with them.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to talk about the future of Bathe Happy and what our plans were, so that is what today’s post is about.

For the moment I am scrapping Indiegogo. You really need to have a video presentation and unfortunately my computer issues are making that really hard to do. It is also incredibly slow right now. There is low traffic on the site, in the store, and on Facebook/Twitter. It is the Etsy slow season and no traffic dooms the campaign before it starts. I’m putting it on hold for now and will pick it back up this fall.

For now the focus will be on new products we can afford to start now. Soon we will be carrying Lip Balms, Pure Argan Oil, Body and Face Scrubs, Shaving Soaps, Face Soap, and possibly a few other things. I am also going to get a few molds to start work on wedding favors as well as relisting the Bath Salts in a new format. The Cold Process Soaps I will hopefully be able to start later in the year as we make more money, I will just need to start more slowly than I’d hoped to.

Pricing will be in line with what I am already charging for items. The Argan Oil will be priced a little higher as it is a pure and expensive oil but I will not be charging near what companies like Josie Maran charge ($14 for half an ounce is a little beyond ridiculous in my humble opinion.)

This will all be as the summer progresses, little by little. Starting in early August look for Solid Perfumes, the Argain Oil, and the start of our fall fragrances.

That’s it for today folks! I’ll be back tomorrow with more new ideas and some info on a few of our new fragrances that we’ll be testing.


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