New Fragrances on the Way!

Hello! I am so sorry for this incredibly late post. It’s taken up all my free time today to get this post to sound right. I tend to get carried away when I am excited. The reason I am so excited is tonight I get to tell you about the new fragrances we have coming up for the late summer and fall!

After consulting with my sister about some stuff that she wants me to make with her on her upcoming visit we came up with a healthy list of fragrances that I think will be big sellers. Some are really intriguing and they are all really exciting. There will be eight new fragrances in total all be released over the coming months.

PicMonkey Collage1Several of the new fragrances are spicy, warm, and very sexy. One of the most interesting is Arabian Nights. Myrrh and Orange blend with Cinnamon, Ginger, and Clove and are rounded out with Caraway Seed and Vanilla in this spicy warm fragrance. There is a Chai fragrance in the works as well blending Earl Gray Tea with Citrus notes such as Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot with notes of Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Tahitian Vanilla and just a mere hint Allspice. Keeping with the Middle Eastern spice theme is Turkish Mocha. It’s velvety and warm with Turkish Coffee, Cocoa, Milk, Cardamom, Vanilla, Honey, and Nutmeg.

PicMonkey Collage2

There is an Asian fragrance which I have yet to name, which blends Lotus, Waterlily, Amber, and Herbal Greens. I am thinking of calling it Petals of Asia or Oriental Petals or something along those lines. Suggestions are for a name are welcome. Ginger Lime is a fresh, citrusy fragrance heavy on the lime in the very best of ways. I am definitely thinking bright green will be perfect for this. Woodland Magic is yet another new fragrance that’s warm and woodsy with Sandalwood, Ceaderwood, and Amber with Warm Vanilla accenting very light Floral undertones. Cherry Almond is another on trend, popular fragrance that is exactly what it’s named, a beautiful blend of cherries and almonds.  Last but certainly not least is a masculine fragrance that has yet to be named. Evocative of London’s 18th century Gentleman’s Clubs it’s a rich fragrance that anyone is sure to love. It has light Fruity notes blended with Aromatic Spices topped off with Tobacco and Black Tea. Anyone that lives in the countryside of the central US will tell you that Tobacco smells amazing when its growing, cut, and then drying. This fragrance captures that amazing aroma and transforms it into something irresistible. Suggestions are welcome for this fragrance too!

PicMonkey Collage3

One thing to note, due to the vanillin that naturally occurs in vanilla all fragrances containing even a little vanilla will color most products brown. I think the browns and beiges will be perfect for the fall and winter and the neutral colors will match any décor. I will be sure to add ambers, coppers and golds to make sure the products’ colors are rich and warm!

That’s it for tonight all. I apologize again for the late post it was a very busy day for me so getting the post right took a while.  Have a great night and be sure to leave your comments for fragrance names below. Feel free to suggest names for them all as nothing is yet set in stone!


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