The Future King Has Arrived!

Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of the UK’s new Prince. It was just announced a very short time ago that they had a boy. Yay for them! I think it’s fab.

I love all things British. I’d slap a Union Jack on damn near anything so the birth of a future King makes me giggly and giddy. I may have to figure out a Union Jack soap! I need to figure out some good non-bleeding blue and red colors and that may be a new project this fall!

I made a new batch of Coffee Scrub for myself adjusting the recipe a tad to suit my skin type.  For my personal use I use less coffee and more sugar and I add activated charcoal. I have very dry skin, I break out quite a bit, and my skin is incredibly sensitive. The sugar is a more gentle scrub and the activated charcoal is detoxifying. It looks like you are playing in dirt when you use it but it works great.

As I’ve mentioned before we have company coming in from out of town this weekend. My sister (Angie), her boyfriend (Joey), and their dog (Rushigby) are coming in for a little over a week. They are making the trip an early birthday gift for me so Angie and I can see each other and get some wedding stuff done. I’m too excited to have her here for wedding dress shopping and first major venue walkthrough!

Angie and Joey have been together way longer than Stud Muffin and I. One of these days I hope to be helping plan their wedding.

We’ll be making a ton of stuff for the shop while they’re here. I hope to have the first batches of new soaps tested early next week. I’m so excited to see how everything turns out.

That’s it for today! So who tried out the DIY Coffee Scrub over the weekend? Leave a comment and tell us what you thought!


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