Vacation Rocks!

It’s one of the best parts of owning your own business. If I need to take a day off I can. Yesterday I did. I apologize for the lack of a post I just did not have time to get one written or access to my computer.

My sister and her boyfriend and their INSANE dog are here for the week. The first few days were very busy out having fun and then very crazy at home as their pup got used to the happy pups. The four dogs have finally found peace and it has been so fun watching them play.

There are quite a bit of soaps already made and curing. Arabian Nights is just out of this world. There is a Ginger Lime loofah soap that has a very sweet lime fragrance to it. There is another loofah soap as well that has no name yet but is my own fragrance blend. It’s a floral citrus blend with a warm touch.

Today I’ll be making coffee scrubs and bottling the Argan oil. As soon as we can get a good amount of sun I will get photos done. It has been rather cloudy the last few days. We’ll also be making a few other soaps today as well. We’ve tested a rosemary lavender soap which I think may be a keeper so I may make more of that. Our Turkish Coffee smells very chocolaty so I think I am going to call it Turkish Cocoa and make it a chocolaty brown with a gold swirl. Lots of ideas for soaps! I can’t wait to get started for the day. Photos of all the mew products will be forthcoming as soon as I can get enough sunlight to get pictures taken.

Since I can’t get photos of the new soaps with the current lighting I will leave you with this photo of my sister’s boyfriend Joey from the Bristol Renaissance Fair:


It’s okay to laugh. It was an amazing moment in photo taking history. Have a great day!


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