Birthday Sale this week!

sale this week

Happy Birthday! (To me that is).

That’s right today is my birthday! To celebrate this day of awesomeness I am hosting a birthday sale!

From now through 8/18 you can enter the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY at check out and receive 25% off your order. No minimum purchase required! Just Click on Our Shop and check out what’s new!

This year’s birthday is pretty mundane. Nothing crazy planned though we are going to the mommy-in-law-to-be’s house for a cook out Wednesday night. Tonight we are staying home since Pretty One (my stepdaughter-to-be for all the folks new to the blog) has Driver’s Ed tonight and the smallest of our Happy Pups (our Boston Terrier aka Little Dog) is injured. We think she pulled a leg muscle, our vet is closed today but if she isn’t better by tomorrow we are going to call them for advice. Yes dogs can get muscle pulls/sprains, especially small scrappy dogs that like to wrestle with dogs four times their size.

Told Ya She Was Little!

Told Ya She Was Little!

As for gifts this year I know two from Stud Muffin are coming but won’t be here for a bit. The first I knew about a while ago, it’s a custom iPhone 5 cover with this photo of my Baby Dog on it:


If he isn’t the cutest damned thing on four legs I don’t know what is! This would be the one Little Dog likes to wrestle with. And I am not joking about the size difference:

They are buddies.

They are buddies.

The other thing is the Star Wrap I’ve been coveting from Manic Designs! Stud Muffin decided to sneak online and buy it for me! Pics will be coming as soon as I have it!

Yep still in love with it!

Yep still in love with it!

The best thing though was last night. Stud Muffin, whose cooking skills pretty much end at boiled chicken and frozen pizza, baked me a cake:


It is perfect… not by most standards but that was a lot of effort on his part and I am just tickled to death over it. I think its awesome and and perfect and sweet and awesome (yes it deserves two awesomes). He even got little glittery star candles for it. Disney Princess Candles at that …. fancy! I do love that man!

That’s it for today! Be sure to take advantage of the sale! Have a great day!


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