Plans For Fall 2013

Happy Thursday folks! I got my Manic Designs Star Wrap last night! I am just too tickled about it! The quality of the work is awesome on the Wrap and I know I will be wearing it all… the…time! Check it out:


Yep that’s me in all my stars and happiness! Don’t mind the frizz, I am in need of a trim so my obnoxious curls are on display big time! If you want to see my mug in person there are opportunities coming up soon.

This fall Bathe Happy will be attending the Marengo Women’s Club Arts and Crafts Fair as part of Marengo’s Settlers Days! The event will be on October 12th at a local school. I will have more details once my application has been processed and I have my booth number and location. We will also be attending the winter occurrence of the Marengo Girls Day Out.  At both events we will have special Holiday soaps as well as our full array of products.

This fall I will also be starting home parties. They will be local and small and the first one or two are being hosted by friends of my mommy-in-law-to-be. I will have more details on those in the coming weeks. They will be much easier to plan for once Pretty One heads back to school. (I’m telling you Monday cannot get here fast enough!)

I have a feeling that Home Parties and Craft Shows are going to be where the money is as I continue to get going with the business. The profit from that will of course be re-invested into the business with the ultimate goal of getting started with Cold Process soaping which will push Bathe Happy to the next level. If you are in the Greater Chicago or Rockford, IL areas and are interested in a Bathe Happy Home Party let me know. If the first few are successful I may make it a permanent part of the Bathe Happy brand.

That’s it for today all! Have a Happy Thursday and check back tomorrow for and update on Baby Amelia’s blanket and hopefully news of her arrival! Wendy was admitted this morning and we are all on Baby Watch! Don’t forget our birthday sale ends Sunday!


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