Baby Amelia Is Here!

Introducing Miss Amelia Grace:

Baby A

Born August 15, 2013 at 6:12 p.m. EST 7.03 pounds and 21 inches. Isn’t she PERFECT! I am one happy ‘Auntie’. I can’t wait to meet her!

Since the beautiful Miss Amelia has made her entrance into the world I thought it was a good time to update y’all on blanket progress for The Crochet Crowd’s summer challenge. Work stalled on it for a while when my sister was here but I am back at it and cranking out as many rows a day as I can.

photo (9)

It’s big enough now that today’s update required laying it in the middle of my living room floor to get a good photo.

It’s right at about 5’ x 3’ so it’s plenty big enough for a baby blanket but a little small for a ‘grow up blanket’ as I’ve been calling it. The size it is now would likely work for her until she was in 3rd grade or so.  After that it would become more of a lap size blanket or a wrap. Here is a photo with my iPad on it so you can gauge size:

photo (4)

I am sincerely sorry about the late post, I haven’t been near my PC for much of the day and just got back from dropping Pretty One off at her Mom’s new house in the city. Also YAY for Pretty One making the Sophomore Volleyball team at school as a starter! So proud!

That’s it for today folks! Today was an awesome day for blog post number 50! Can’t believe we’ve been going that long already! Don’t forget the sale ends Sunday!


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