New Lower Prices!

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Come check out our new pricing!


More New Products!

In an effort to boost sales we are once again going to be pushing out new products. Starting sometime in the next month or two, about the same time as I will be launching Soap Parties, we will be carrying Body Wash and Lotion as well as sample sizes of our soaps. In addition to the Body Wash and Lotion you will now also be able to order gift baskets. These will be great options for the upcoming holidays!

Another new addition will be more face products including a detox mask and face soap. Right now we are setting aside the funding for these new ventures and are hoping to see them released in just a few short weeks.

Are there any items you wished we carried? Let us know in the comments below!

p.s. Our Facebook competition runs through 9/12, don’t forget to enter!

A Kickstarter (Or Two) Worth Checking Out

Well folks I am back. Pity party is as over as it’s going to be. I am still in a funk but I can’t let it affect work any longer.

Manic Designs is working on a new line and they have a Kickstarter set up for it here:

Everyone should go check it out. The funding ends in 9 days! Go fund her if you can!

Another good one to look at is this one:

He writes my favorite comic. People love his comic so much that his project was funded in just over 2 hours and has since been funded 10x over. It’s awesome for him.

That’s it for today folks. Tomorrow I’m planning to discuss some  more new products coming out in time for the holidays.