Product Spotlight – Fresh Bamboo

Happy Tuesday all! Today I’d like to introduce everyone to our Fresh Bamboo line of products.

Fresh Bamboo is a crisp and clean unisex fragrance. The bright and fresh scent of natural bamboo blends with notes of aloe, musk, and jasmine to produce an easy to wear fragrance that is not over powering.

Currently we offer our Fresh Bamboo as a Soap:




And as a Solid Perfume:




Both are available in Our Shop now! Coming soon will be Mini Soaps and Solid Sugar Scrubs.

That’s it for today folks! Have a great Tuesday!


Product Spotlight: Pure Argan Oil

So what is Argan Oil anyway? I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Every beauty blog an magazine talks about this stuff and how awesome it is so I wanted to share more about it with you.

Pure Argan Oil from Bathe Happy

Pure Argan Oil from Bathe Happy

Argan oil is pressed from the nut of the fruit of the Argan Tree, which is only found in Morocco. The argan tree lives to be about 150 to 200 years old and does not start producing the fruit until it is 30 to 50 years old. Because the tree is found only in a limited area, the oil itself is quite rare. To make argan oil, Moroccan workers—mostly women—peel the outer layer of the tree fruit then pound its inner nut with a rock to extract kernels, from which the oil is extracted. These women for the most part belong to various women’s co-ops supported by various organizations worldwide representing women’s rights.

Argan Oil is truly an all-purpose beauty tool. Argan oil is most effective as a moisturizer, toner, and topical treatment for general hair, skin, and nail problems. Argan oil in its purest form is highly effective. Therefore, it does not need other ingredients in order to keep its effectiveness and freshness. Pure and preservative-free Argan oil is best to use for your daily skin and hair regimen.

Cosmetics expert Marla Malcolm Beck, the CEO and co-founder of says “Argan oil has incredible conditioning and anti-aging properties that keep hair and skin revitalized, It’s great for dry skin, does not clog pores, helps minimize fine lines, and can treat split ends. Argan oil can help people with mild acne as the oleic acid found in the oil helps promote healthy levels of sebum production, and its linoleic acid helps prevent excess dead skin cells by promoting healthy skin turnover.”

While all of this is common to hear about Argan Oil, clinical testing of it is slim to none so it’s best to take a lot of things with a grain of salt and try it out for yourself. Everyone has different skin and hair needs but Argan Oil seems to really work for everyone that tries it.

Here are some things I love about Argan Oil after using it for myself (I’ve been using it for over a year now):

For My Hair:

  • Better Curl Definition
  • Less Noticeable Split Ends (Keep in mind there is no miracle cure for split ends besides a haircut.)
  • Less Frizz
  • More Shine

For My Nails:

  • Less Splitting
  • Healthier Cuticles

For My Skin:

  • Super Hydrated Without Feeling Oily
  • Healthier Glow

For My Face:

  • Less Acne
  • Fewer Breakouts
  • ZERO Dryness or Flakiness (which I have always struggled with)
  • Healthier Glow
  • Clearer Pores

Pure Argan Oil typically retails from $20-$100 per oz. Big name brands that sell it jumped on the Argan Oil Bandwagon and added huge mark ups. You won’t find that at Bathe Happy. Our Pure Argan Oil is $15 for 1 oz. and 27.50 for 2 oz. To compare you can check out Josie Maran who sells the same stuff at Sephora for $14 for just .5 oz., $48 for 1.7 oz., and $96 for 4 oz.

You can check out our Listings for Argan Oil here:

For more info on Argan Oil check out these great articles and sites:

New Items Being Listed This Week!

The Sun Is Out!!!!! That means yay for photography! Lots of product photos are done and in editing which means that over the next several days you will see a flood of new products in the store.

Don’t forget the Birthday sale coming up next week! The sale will be for 25% off everything we carry including new items!

Here is a sneak peak at what’s new:








That’s it for today! Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for updates as items get posted.

Custom Crochet Hand Towels

Happy Friday All!

I sincerely hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day. Stud Muffin and I went to the fireworks display in Woodstock, IL and had a great time. I wish Pretty One could have been there to see it!

Today I finally shipped out my one pending custom crochet order. It had been long delayed going out for a number of reasons but thankfully the customer has been very patient and understanding. The order was for three hand towels made to match our Daisy Collection Washcloths.

Each towel is 12” wide and 24” long and they take between 8 and 16 hours each to make. A set of three is $30 plus shipping and delivery is typically in about 3 weeks.

Here is what they look like: 






Product Spotlight – Blood of the Dragon Soap

Happy Sunny Monday! Finally my Respiratory Infection is clearing up and bonus… the sun finally came out and it is not a million degrees outside. This is already shaping up to be a good week!

Today I’d like to introduce to you our Blood of the Dragon soap. This deep, blood red soap is fragranced with, as you could probably guess, Dragon’s Blood. While it is a traditional Dragon’s Blood scent (Patchouli mixed with any number of other things depending on preference) it’s blended in such a way that it is not over powering. It has noted of Musk and Rose creating a softer Dragon’s Blood fragrance. It’s a very masculine fragrance but I do have several women that have gone gaga for it and use it themselves.


Ours is stamped with a dragon highlighted by silver and gold micas.


This month our Blood of the Dragon soap is on sale for $5.50 and if you purchase a bar with another item there is no additional shipping.


You can check out our Blood of the Dragon soap HERE.