In Progress!

My apologies for a lack of post yesterday! I was not feeling well.

Here’s a peek at what is going on here today:

PicMonkey Collage

Row 1: The State of my Kitchen Currently, Holiday Soaps, Flowers to embed in a special soap for a special little girl

Row 2: Stars for my stocking stuffers, Stars for my peppermint soap, Snowmen for the stocking stuffers

Row 3: Lump of coal soaps, The aftermath of lump of coal soaps, testing a formula for face soap

That’s its for today all! I need to get back to soaping! Happy Thursday!



Monday Funday!

Happy Monday all!


To say we had a productive weekend would be an understatement.


– Stud Muffin and I ordered our Wedding Rings and Wedding Cake. We (I) wrote our wedding vows. Basically he told me what he wanted to say based on various different vows we’ve read and I complied our ideas into something personal and custom for us. I will share these after the ceremony. Stud Muffin’s ring was purchased through an ETSY shop we will feature later this month once his ring is here. Less than 4 weeks to go!


– Pretty One made the Junior Olympic Volleyball team at the volleyball club she plays at. Don’t let the Olympic name fool you it is just the level they compete at and she is registered with USA Volleyball. It is a nation wide level of competition and the highest level she can compete at for her age group. We are ridiculously happy and proud that she made the cut! Her first practice is the day after the wedding  and they play from January until June. Its going to mean a lot of travel and a lot of volleyball to watch for us. We are all so excited. I will have more information about when and where the tournaments are in a few weeks so I could potentially schedule appearances and sales at local events and shows.

This is what our first 7 months of wedded bliss will look like.

This is what our first 7 months of wedded bliss will look like.

– We may be running a Bathe Happy fundraiser for the Volleyball fees. More to follow on that as we decide what, if anything, we want/can do.


– I have the starting framework for home parties in place for Bathe Happy. More details coming soon.

– Florida State beat the heck out of Miami.

Over all I would say the weekend was awesome. Soaping supplies will be here today so expect lots of product updates in the near future. Holiday bundles will be coming! We are planning a few big holiday sales. I recommend stocking up fast once the new products are out.

I will be doing a ton of crochet over the next several weeks. I need to get a blanket for Pretty One made pronto. It can get very cold at volleyball tournaments and its good to have something to wrap up in so I am making her one in her club colors. Expects photos, status updates, and tutorials.

I will also be working on brooch bouquets for the wedding party (mine is done) and I will have tutorials for those as well.

Stud Muffin modeling my bouquet!

Stud Muffin modeling my bouquet!

Lots of work in my future! Loving every minute of it!


New Items Being Listed This Week!

The Sun Is Out!!!!! That means yay for photography! Lots of product photos are done and in editing which means that over the next several days you will see a flood of new products in the store.

Don’t forget the Birthday sale coming up next week! The sale will be for 25% off everything we carry including new items!

Here is a sneak peak at what’s new:








That’s it for today! Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for updates as items get posted.

Vacation Rocks!

It’s one of the best parts of owning your own business. If I need to take a day off I can. Yesterday I did. I apologize for the lack of a post I just did not have time to get one written or access to my computer.

My sister and her boyfriend and their INSANE dog are here for the week. The first few days were very busy out having fun and then very crazy at home as their pup got used to the happy pups. The four dogs have finally found peace and it has been so fun watching them play.

There are quite a bit of soaps already made and curing. Arabian Nights is just out of this world. There is a Ginger Lime loofah soap that has a very sweet lime fragrance to it. There is another loofah soap as well that has no name yet but is my own fragrance blend. It’s a floral citrus blend with a warm touch.

Today I’ll be making coffee scrubs and bottling the Argan oil. As soon as we can get a good amount of sun I will get photos done. It has been rather cloudy the last few days. We’ll also be making a few other soaps today as well. We’ve tested a rosemary lavender soap which I think may be a keeper so I may make more of that. Our Turkish Coffee smells very chocolaty so I think I am going to call it Turkish Cocoa and make it a chocolaty brown with a gold swirl. Lots of ideas for soaps! I can’t wait to get started for the day. Photos of all the mew products will be forthcoming as soon as I can get enough sunlight to get pictures taken.

Since I can’t get photos of the new soaps with the current lighting I will leave you with this photo of my sister’s boyfriend Joey from the Bristol Renaissance Fair:


It’s okay to laugh. It was an amazing moment in photo taking history. Have a great day!