Back From Our Break!

Hello Happy Bathers! Angie, Joey, and Rush have returned home so I am now back on a normal working schedule. Their trip up was a lot of fun but also very tiring. Everyone is just exhausted but it was great to see them. I apologize for my absence it was much harder than I realized to try and work and play hostess.

Unfortunately dress shopping was not the fun I was hoping for. It was actually pretty discouraging. I thought shopping for your wedding dress was supposed to be exciting and fun but yeah not so much on that one. I got really excited about one Jasmine dress, I was sure it would be THE DRESS and then found out 3 days later that the changes we’d want made to the dress (like adding sleeves and getting some additional lace to fill in a few open areas that hit me in the wrong spot) would push the dress way out of our price range.

So I’ve been hosting a massive pity party about it because now I’ve pretty much lost almost all hope of finding a dress. That’s actually why there was no post yesterday; I spent half the morning in the fetal position crying. Yes there is still the dress maker I was working with but I am very leery of buying something I can’t even see let alone try on and in photos her work can’t compare to the Jasmine dress. There was one other Jasmine dress I was in love with but it was too expensive from the get-go so there was no attempt to try it on, the sample would have been too small anyway. Now it looks like the dress that was originally to expensive would be cheaper in the end than the less expensive ‘dream dress’. It’s all very frustrating and very confusing.

There is good news though. While they were here many products were made. There are Waterlily Citrus Loofa Soaps, Ginger Lime Loofa Soaps, Turkish Mocha Soaps, Rosemary Citrus Soaps, Rosemary Lavender Soaps, Argan Oil, and Coffee Scrubs. All are awaiting photography when the sun finally comes out and then they will get listed in the store. All the soaps are beautiful and the fragrances are amazing.

I hope I can share the new products with you soon. My goal is to get them listed before the big sale starts next week!

Have a great day all!